Production and process technology

Flexible, economical, efficient

Weisser Spulenkörper produces high-precision plastic parts on high-efficient injection-molding machines according to current standards, with a clampforce range of upto 2.000 KN. Thus there can be developed injection-molded parts with molded-in wires or metal-plastic compounds. Additionally there are bobbins and boxes, special types and accessories, of many sizes and weight categories.

Our coilformers consist of thermoplastics which are characterized by high capacity and heat resistance. We process standard plastics like PA, PBT and PET which are reinforced by fiber glass as well as PES, PPS, LCP and PEEK for highest requirements of heat resistance.

Whether there is requested direct wire injection-molding in fully automated mass-production or subsequent assembly in small-series production: Our qualified staff produces standardized as well as costumized products for any quantity and by using latest mobile handling systems.

Our assembly department is specialized in flexible and precise end products.

They are focused on the economical production of small-series and individual pin assignment. 

The department of Additive Manufacturing completes the portfolio of Weisser using the Hot Lithography process and offers the production of functional prototypes and small series of technical polymers