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It was so nice to see you

Exhibition for apprenticeship

We enjoyed to explain you the versatile possibilities of apprenticeships with Weisser

Thank you for your visit

Neresheimer Ausbildungsmesse

Our apprentices loved to present their Job to you. Thank you for visiting.

January, 20th 2018 - 10h-13h

Exhibition for apprenticeship in Neresheim

We look forward to see you at our booth in the Härtsfeld Sport Arena. We will inform you about our apprenticeships and the various fields of application after this skilled education.

Support for local group

Donation for DRK

The new defibrillator will be part of the equipment of the local DRK-group of Ohmenheim.

26th - 27th September

Coiltech Pordenone 2017

Thank you for visiting us at the booth of our representative Sisram SA. Your interest in our products and the dialogue with you are important for us