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Additive Manufacturing

Digital production, parts on demand, time-to-market, function integration, among others, these buzzwords define the additive manufacturing and production of the future. We do not want to simply meet these challenges we want to shape solutions. That is why additive manufacturing is an important part of our work in all divisions.

The production of tools and grippers with function integration (using FFF, SLA and SLS technology) for our highly automated injection molding machines are leading into significant resource savings and speed advantages.

Additive manufacturing is not only used on the injection molding machines even in the injection mold itself. Additively manufactured mold inserts with conformal cooling are leading into a more sustainable production with the usual consistent and excellent component quality two key principles of Weisser.

The main focus of our additive manufacturing is the production of functional prototypes and additively designed end-use parts for the electronics industry. The hot lithography process gives us the opportunity to not only live the digital production of the future beyond prototypes in fact we are shaping it.